Paul Gray


I have been in Scouting since Cub age but this varied due to the family’s commitments with the RAF and later my own service. I managed to help out as an Adult Helper and Skills Instructor with the family’s group and also any group that was in the neighbourhood of where I was serving.
I came back into the Scouts “full-time” during a tour in Stavanger where I took over the Cub Pack, handing over an international, active and very keen pack on my departure. I joined groups in North Wales, Gloucester and Buckinghamshire en route to Scotland. Finally I landed up restarting the 1st Hopeman Scouts on settling down here after leaving the RAF.
I since moved to 1st Elgin where I became a general assistant whenever the Scouts needed me!
My current roles are Assistant Scout Leader, Troop Badge Admin, Training Advisor, ADC(Adult Training), Training Advisor for Managers and Supporters, Regional Trainer and Regional Secretary.
My time outside Scouting is spent teaching young people how to Nordic (cross country) ski and ensuring that I am up to date with the latest techniques for that sport.