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16/06/2020 By Alan Fallow


Hi everyone, I suppose like myself you are looking back and wishing for the good old days, something that we all yearn for, nights under canvas, working in our sections face to face and seeing the young persons complete the challenges we set at our evening meetings.


I think we can all say now these days for the foreseeable future have gone, but not forgetting them allows us to move forward and plan for the next step in our route plan.


Scouting will return in a new format, it will have more checks and have to ensure that as leaders we give full confidence to every parent that out leaders, buildings, activities will not only keep their child safe but also us through safe working practices.


Over the next few weeks information will be sent to myself and then on to my ADC and GSL teams to send to you as leaders and your committees and then on to parents and our members.


Currently I can only say how impressed I am with the number of activities that are going on out there, my sincere thanks. For those due, shifts, extra working arrangements please you too have my thanks for you are the people who are keeping us all ticking over, yes you may not be able to undertake scouting as you wish, but being there to give advice to others is imperative.


Young people and families are doing the programme as and when is suitable to them, it meets their needs and situations, to me as long as they know where to find us and each other is what is important


One thing is clear its not always the leaders that have to lead. all of you know it takes me a while to get my head around OSM etc, but I do know people who are more knowledgeable than me. So no matter your role GSL, Section Leader, use the skills in your teams to help.


When we start to get back we all know there will be changes, please as leaders, sections, groups I would ask you to think about how that may look. Can you still get a hall to meet in, can you all fit safely in the hall, has your hall had the water safety checks done, can you comply with the rules, there are I am sure ways you can do this, it just means you have to chat and work it through.


Finally again thank you, I am in no doubt change is inevitable, but what does not change is my admiration for everyone of you.





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